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  • The great ink sample purge

    March ended up being hectic in a different way than anticipated. It left some time open for hobbies, existing and new. I picked up a camera, and did my first photo-walk of the neighbourhood. I’m an absolute beginner when it comes to photography, but I’m having fun with it. Of…

  • Doodle to ambient

    The end of last month was hectic, and March looks to be as well. This month I gave myself extra permission to rest when given the chance. I’ve been inspired by others in the stationery community to just doodle. Put pen to paper and make whatever lines I feel like. I get to relax…

  • Winter is a time to tinker

    I’ve spent these past few weeks tinkering with my systems. The time between Christmas and New Year’s is great for that. The season brings a reflective mood. Some changes in digital note-taking. Adopted Obsidian . Backlinks are very useful, and I like how everything is just a text…

Profile of William, a smiling white male with short blonde hair wearing a red and black plaid shirt

I'm William, a 32 year old developer from Oslo, Norway.

I hope to make quality software that is either fun, useful, or preferably both!